Sunday Victories

Photo Credit P. McCarthy for Wellness by Kate

It’s a beautiful windy welcome into fall today for us here in Flagstaff!  For us, Sundays mean relaxation, catching up on quality time, and – what else? – Seattle Seahawks football!

It also means taking stock of the past week, taking a moment to celebrate the victories since we last saw Sunday.  As we gaze into the possibility of the coming week, I love to glance back to express gratitude for the accomplishments of the past seven days.

This week saw some incredible victories!  Clients reaching wellness goals, losing weight, managing stress in new ways, discovering parts of themselves that hid behind shame or fear.  Friends and family finding ways to lean into their fear, chasing dreams and courageously venturing into unknown territory.  New jobs.  Moves.  Changing diets to cultivate deeper health.  Making commitments to themselves to make their wellness a priority.  Choosing happiness over stress, anxiety and fear.

What about for YOU?  What victories do you have to celebrate today?!

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