Meet Kate

2012-06-25 17.25.04

Thank you so much for stopping by Wellness by Kate!  My name is Kate Krueger, and I am a Holistic Health Coach.  More than that, I am a food lover, wellness transformer, work in progress, opportunity maker, and balance seeker.  I am a proud Seattleite, daughter, sister, partner and “mom” to three furry kids, Fidget, Twitch and Tonks.  I love my Seattle Mariners, exploring new places, and making new connections.

My health journey has been just that, a journey.  As a curvy girl born to a family of muscular athletes, I have battled the shame and feeling of worthlessness that comes from being a woman in a culture that glorifies thinness.  I have dealt with the demons of emotional eating, shame-based dieting and stress-fueled unhealthy habits.  But, through self-discovery and resetting my nutritional and lifestyle instincts, I have learned (and continue to learn!) how to love my body, build positive lifestyle choices into a busy life, and make life-giving changes that bring me JOY and fulfillment!

As a graduate from Georgetown University and a student of life, I have taken courses in nutrition, counseling, coaching, organizational development, and holistic wellness.  I have studied over 100 dietary theories as a student with the Institute for Integrative Nutrition and truly believe that there is no one diet for everyone.  Your body, just like you, is unique – together, let’s discover how to reach your goals in a way that works for you and your unique self!

Want to love your body? Need a partner to help you find balance, lose weight, work through a specific health concern, or deal with stress? Don’t let your fears keep you from discovering a life of love, success, and authentic joy!